Basic features of the iSklad add-on
Why choose this add-on

Fully automated extension of your new or existing online store, which will provide you and your customers with a carefree online shopping experience from as little as EUR 35 per month. The entire solution brings efficiency and cost reduction for each operation that takes place after the purchase in the shopping cart of your store. iSklad provides the following services and products:

Courier services for the whole world
(we have prepared for you the lowest possible prices from all popular courier companies)
(state-of-the-art system that provides the lowest possible costs for storage, order completion and delivery)
Professional multilingual call center
Professional multilingual call center built on affordable minute billing is ready to take care of your customers and their needs
Automation software
Automation software connected to your e-shop via the Shoptet add-on, which after initial setup is ready to take care of order processing, warehousing and distribution, customer support, claims and returns, cash on delivery in key countries and much more
Who is the add-on for?

Suitable for any online store that sells physical products. Startup, growing stores, expanding stores, enterprise stores located anywhere in the world.

How to activate the add-on

IMPORTANT: Before installing the add-on, it is necessary to fill in the entry form via iSklad web:

Based on the form, we will find out whether the iSklad service is suitable for you, and if so, we will provide you with access to our EGON system, in which, in addition to individual functions, you will find price lists of individual services or transport options.

If you decide to use the iSklad service and activate the iSklad add-on for Shoptet itself, you need to follow the 'step-by-step' manual available on the EGON software dashboard, which will guide you through the process.

You can get access to the EGON software after evaluating the entry form:

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