Does your online store hold any goods on stock?
How many m2 does your storage area have?
Insert the volume of stored goods in m3 (1m3 equals one pallet)
Insert your monthly cost of the warehouse (rent, overhead costs, insurance, etc.)
Who receives goods and does the completion of orders?
How much do you value your work?
How many employees do you have?
What is your monthly cost per employee, including levy?
Insert an average number of received orders per month
Insert an average number of items per one order
Specify your monthly cost on packaging and consumables (foils, envelopes, bubble envelopes, cardboard boxes, tapes, labels, printing materials etc.)
Tick all shipping methods you use
Average weight of one package in kg
Insert the shipping price of the ... package that is charged to you by your current delivery service provider (VAT and COD excluded)
How much does your current delivery service provider charge for COD (cash on delivery) service?
As the last information - your email adress
where can we send you the result of the calculation.